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  About MistaSweet

MistaSweet is a The Hague City (NL) based producer, DJ, recording engineer, graphic designer etc etc...aka a creative mind for whom hiphop and music has a leading role in his life.

With his (vinyl only) DJ skills he went all over the world from USA to Russia, from Norway to Morocco. His speciality is hiphop, funk and breaks. He played at many world renowned break events but also a lot of hiphop festivals.

His love for vinyl made him a DJ who is also collecting vinyl until this day. His collection varies from hiphop to bossanova, from soundtracks to world music.

Aside from just playing music, he also likes to scratch - for tracks or just freestyle cutting and scratching, alone or with other DJ's.

  Music production & more

MistaSweet started producing at the end of the 80s with a drum computer, extended with a 4-track recorder and eventually a sampler and Atari 1040STF. Nowadays he makes his music with Ableton and the infamous Push2 controller.

Whether it be breakbeats, smooth R&B, funky bouncing hiphop or hardcore grimey rap beats - MistaSweet got it all in his fingers. Experimenting with different sounds is also in his nature, always pushing the boundaries.

MistaSweet was one of the founders for the Aight foundation and the Haags Hiphop Centrum, a place where like minded people loving hiphop can develop themselves, meet up with eachother and dance, make music or scratch together.
Den Haag / The Hague city is the place he resides and represents!

For more info and biography, check: MistaSweet bio on Swotteam website


Queensbridge To The Hague City

Queensbridge To The Hague City (2023)

MistaSweet produces a raw 18 track hiphop album with Queensbridge legends Blaq Poet, Tragedy Khadafi, Big Noyd, Capone, Nature, Craig G, Godfather pt.3 and Piif Jones.

The DON P ep (2020)

This album features 12 uptempo tracks perfect for breaking. It features MC's Jack Faded, Skinny Scotty, Alee Rock and D.Chesron. All original music and 1 remix of a track of Swiss funk band Kind & Kinky Zoo.

Cigarros/Funky Tajine (2018)

Cigarros is a funky uptempo track with a heavy Cuban sound. Funky Tajine is a Morrocan flavoured track to which you can't sit still. You can call it world music, but it all started from MistaSweet's hiphop style of production.

Hard Boyled Breaks (2015)

Hard Boyled Breaks is a collection of breaks MistaSweet made during the years 2004 till 2015. His familiar style of production made many bboys sweat on the floor and get busy to these original gems.

Boylin' Breaks (2013)

This is a rare 7" you can't easily find for cheap. It released in 2013 featuring a famous breakremix of Nina Simone. It has 4 tracks, all uptempo bangers with different flavours.

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Queensbridge To The Hague City

Queensbridge To The Hague City

This album is a 18 track hiphop compilation from one of the most famous hoods in hiphop. Queensbridge has been a very fruitful area of hiphop talents since the 80's. MistaSweet's beats match the raw street vibe of the rappers from that place perfectly. Now this album will hit the streets on vinyl and CD!
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MistaSweet's beats match the raw Queensbridge vibe of the rappers perfectly. It has been a long while since all these legendary rappers teamed up for an album like this. The sound brings you back to the 90's era. Straight QB bangers with raw rhymes and ominous lyrics bringing you reality rap.

Product: double 12" vinyl LP (black or red) & CD
Playing time: 55 minutes
Limited edition!
Pricing: 45 euro (double LP black)
Pricing: 45 euro (double LP blood red)
Pricing: 25 euro (CD in jewelcase)
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If you have questions, proposals for collaborations, bookings or other hiphop related sugbestions: Feel free to contact MistaSweet online or set up a meeting in person. Also you can check out his music on Spotify and Soundcloud to catch the vibe!

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